Monday, November 2, 2009

Our Halloween Pics!

It rained all night pretty much so we didnt get any pics of trick or treating. My Husband, my sister, and I couldnt remember a time it rained on Halloween EVER. First for everything I guess! Here are the pics taken on Halloween of my lil Bats!



Here is how I did their hair for their costumes. Because of the rainy-ness I wanted a style that would keep it in place and not look messy by the end of all our adventures. This is also my favorite style for Mandy because of her short hair.


  1. I've never seen such beautiful bats! :)

    Came by from SITS-so nice to "meet" you!

  2. Too cute!! I used to do my hair like that when I was in high school. ;0)

  3. They look so cute! I wish you lived closer so you could teach me to do hair, I S.U.C.K. at it, thankfully Kieran doesn't have much ... yet

  4. Your girls are beautiful! I love her hair.

    Stopping by from SITS