Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Host is becoming a Movie!

I'm pretty sure I've never mentioned on here how much I love Twilight Saga. After I finished it I thought my husband was gonna kill me cause I couldnt stop talking about it and surfing the interwebs, blogs, and forums for more Twihards ;)

A couple weeks after my husband started his new job and was working 18 hours a day setting up the store he bought me The Host to read since I love Stephenie Meyer. He also wrote a lil love note inside <3

The book is about Wanderer (aka Wanda) who is an invader of earth. Her kind take over peoples bodies. The body Wanda is given is the body of Melanie. Most of Wandas kind never have resistance from their hosts, but Melanie will not give up willingly. Wanda and Melanie have to learn to get along as two minds in one body. As Melanie shows Wanda thoughts of her beloved Jared, rather then let Wanda know any of the information she seeks, Wanda too begins to have strong feelings for Jared.

I didnt really see how they could make a movie since alot of talk goes on in Wanda's errrrr Melanies... head. But I'm glad to see its going to be done! It should be really interesting!

Stephenie Meyer talked about it more on her official site.

Oh, and New Moon comes out in 4 days 22 hours!!! Squeeeeeee!


  1. Allright! We can see it together!

  2. I'm sorry to say i have not been caught up in the Twilight frenzy. I understand it, however, because I have been caught up by others in the past. Maybe it's my age. lol

    Just stopped by from SITS to say hi; hope you will do the same.

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  4. I was so happy when she mentioned working on The Host movie during her after interview on Oprah on Friday. :) The new Twilight movie doesn't come out here forever so please post all about it and spoil it for those of us who can't see it yet. :) :)

    Stopping by from SITS! :)

  5. That reminds me a little bit of Animorphs, with the aliens that go in people's ears and fight for control. Interesting! I liked the Twilight books, so maybe I'll give The Host a shot!

    *from SITS

  6. So, from one Twihard to another... how much did you love New Moon?? I LOVED IT!! Sooooo much better than Twilight, huh?

    Oh, and thanks for making my SITS day last week so special, sitsta!!