Friday, October 30, 2009

Let the Festivites Begin!

Last night was a blast! The girls loved making their own Mummy Dogs and scooping out the guts of their pumpkins. We helped them carve. Lily chose a cat, Mandy chose a bat, I went with a silly jack o latern face that was simple but cute cause my hand was hurting by the time it came to my pumpkin. Shane picked a headless horseman. They all turned out great! And Shane's choice picked out our movie for the night too. We ended up watching Legend of Sleepy Hallow (kids version) I may have gotten to comfy and I may have dozed a little during it. Then it was bed time for the kiddos and Shane and I watched Sleepy Hallow (the Johnny Depp one). I may have fallen asleep 15 minutes in. I must of been tired from all the fun!

Tonight we had a pretty big night. Lily had a fall festival at her school. We did everything, the duck pond, the giant inflatable slide, the jump house, face painting, fake tattoos, bowling, ring toss, cake walk,visited the book fair, met "Sparky" the firefighter dog, and sand art!

The face painters were kinda lame. Lily wanted bats. Lady couldnt do bats (come on! not that hard! get it some what like a bat and she will be happy!) She tried to talk Lily into a dog. Lily didnt want a dog. She suggested a butterfly (yep she can do butterflies not bats...) Lily didnt want that either. But Mandy did. Lady did HALF a buttefly put a couple swirls on the otherside of her face and called it done. I was annoyed it was half a butterfly.... but I didnt say anything to Mandy cause she was happy, so I was happy. Lily then decided she wanted to be a cat. Hers was complete and cute and Lily was happy. Later they got fake tattoos of a butterfly and a cat to match their facepaint.

We did the cake walk and the girls competed with 5 other contestants. Mandy won the first one. She was sooooo proud. She picked out a carrot cake. (and it smelled soooooo good) Then Lily started doing it again and we didnt have the heart to stop her, so we gave more tickets to let her play another round. She won! She picked out a cookie cake. Shane thought we should of taken them to get lottery tickets since they were both so lucky! hehe

Between the sugar cookies we have been making, the two cakes won at the cake walk, the two pies Shane walked in with yesterday, the cotton candy, the caramel apples and all the candy we are gonna get tomorrow trick or treating we are gonna be on sugar highs til new years just from this week! I may have to send some of it off to other peoples houses and make them deal with it! muahahahahaha!

By the time we got to the book fair the girls were exhausted. Mandy laid down in the floor. When Shane took a couple steps Mandy would get up and move with him then lay down next to him. Lily wanted all the non book stuff there or books that she had no hope of reading for a couple more years. I asked her to start off by picking a book she could read. She started to whine and cry saying she could read any of it. Even putting on a show about how she couldnt read a book I handed her that I know she can read. *Sigh* ahhh 6 year olds.

We came home and watched Hocus Pocus and the girls headed off to bed. I hope they sleep good cause tomorrow is gonna be another long fun filled day!

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  1. Sounds like a BIG weekend for you guys! My kids are all older and we enjoy handing out treats, but this year we only had about 12 kids and most of them were over the age of 12. Oh well, I hope your girls had a great time!

    Stopping by from SITS!