Thursday, October 22, 2009

Halloween Costumes

The other day we went costume shopping for Halloween. Before we left Lily said she wanted to be a snake. Mandy wanted to be a crocodile. Way to make it easy on your parents, girls!! Shane found the cute bat costume. Mandy loves it! Wings and new black boots?! She's in heaven! Lily was revolted. At first. She had decided she wanted to be a zombie while we were gone.

I asked her, "Lily, do you even know what a zombie is?!" She told me "They have green skin, black hair and walks like this." *Does the zombie/frankenstein walk* "See Mom! I know what a Zombie is!" We decided that if she was still insistant on hating the bat we would take it back in the morning. While putting her on the bus the next morning she told me she was happy with being a bat. Success!!

Im hoping to make the girls matching bat necklaces in the next day or two for them to wear with their costumes. Hopefully I can borrow a camera once they are made and post pics of them here.

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  1. Lol gotta love kids. We dont even have a costume for Seamus, he's picky the brat.